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Electrical Panel

While simple home chores concerning electrical systems can be handled by most DIY-er, there are some tasks that are better left to professional and certified electricians. Specialized projects like working on electrical panels are not for the uninitiated because they require tools, equipment, and decades-worth of knowledge to handle without any negative result.

At Powertech Electric Inc., we take pride in our ability to expertly resolve electrical problems that hinder the normal flow of things for our valued clients. From issues concerning circuit breaker panels to problems with electrical service panels, we have everything needed to render exceptional work quality and guaranteed positive results.

If you think your current electrical services provider is not giving you the best bang for your buck, call us and we will show how things should be done.

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Electrical Services We Provide

Our company handles every possible type of electrical service that clients in various cities and communities in Maryland may need help on.

Among other tasks, we provide expert installation of circuit breaker box, electrical panel wiring, and electrical panels as a whole. We also repair busted circuit breaker and electrical panel or replace them with better quality ones that our trusted suppliers provide us with.

We provide such services to commercial, residential, and industrial clients and we handle both small and ambitious projects with the same level of dedication and passion. This makes us a well-loved and sought-after electrical services provider in the state of Maryland.

Circuit Breakers We Install

Circuit breakers function as your electrical system's police unit. When the electrical loads are nearing short-circuit point, the circuit breaker panel's mechanisms will instantly cut off the circuit, preventing fire and other safety risks.

Therefore, we can install various circuit breaker types according to your specific needs. Among the many types, we typically install fuse circuit breaker (a cost-effective option) and home circuit breaker (for light- to medium-duty applications). We also install low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers, disconnecting circuit breakers, magnetic and thermal magnetic circuit breakers, common trip breakers, and high-voltage circuit breakers.

All of these breaker types will be installed based on our electrician's assessment of the appropriate type that your system needs. This is our assurance that you won't encounter any problem caused by faulty choice of circuit breaker.

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Electrical Service Upgrade

Meanwhile, we also accept heavy-up upgrade services for various electrical panels. We accommodate request from owners of homes and commercial establishments to ensure that their electrical connections can carry the loads without experiencing any problem. Whether they are additional ACUs, appliances, computers, and other industrial equipment, we can provide the upgrade that they need.

We can secure the necessary permit and we also have experienced and certified electrician to handle this delicate task. We will ensure that your old electrical panels and service cables are replaced and upgraded with ones that are built to handle heavy electrical loads. We also offer you our unconditional promise to render the best possible type of service and the highest level of dedication to ensure that your electrical system is built tough to handle your particular power demands.

If you are residing in Calvert, St. Mary's, and Charles Counties, call us today. We will conduct a free on-site inspection to ensure that all electrical issues in your home or building are properly addressed.

Contact us today and let us address your specific wiring needs.

Call Us Today! 240-298-5985

We have a wide service area. Here are just some of the cities we service:

  • Hollywood
  • Lexington Park
  • St Marys City
  • La Plata
  • Waldorf
  • Prince Frederick
  • Chesapeake Beach
  • St Leonard
  • Charlotte Hall
  • Newburg
  • Leonardtown
  • Fort Washington