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Electrical Services

One of the key aspects of maintaining a safe residential or commercial property is by ensuring that all electrical outlets and connections are working 100 percent. It's common knowledge that faulty electrical wiring can cause fire or lead to unnecessary electrical charges. In such case, investing money just to have a 100 percent secure and functional electrical connection is a definite wise move.

Electrical Contractor

This can be done by hiring a certified electrical contractor. The said professional can perform the necessary electrical service to guarantee adherence to building codes and to ensure the safety of the entire property against potential fire and power failure.

Fortunately, PowerTech Electric, Inc. offers a complete range of electrical services for both residential and commercial clients. We have certified electricians with extensive experience and industry training so you know you're working with professionals who know their craft. Call us now and let us discuss your electrical concerns.

We service Lexington Park, Waldorf, Prince Frederick, Lusby, Great Mills, California, Hollywood, Mechanicsville and surrounded cities in Maryland

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Electrical Services that We Provide

As an electrical contractor, we offer the following services:

  • Outdoor/landscape lighting. Providing illumination to outdoor areas is not the same as lighting indoor spaces. This is because the outdoors requires a different set of lighting fixtures due to constant exposure to the elements like rain and snow. Our staff knows the exact lighting fixtures to use to make your landscape attractive at night and to keep people safe as they roam around.

  • Electrical installation. Our company installs circuit breakers, electrical panels, wiring and electrical lines. Each of our electrical installation projects is done following a scientific and meticulous approach to ensure adherence to industry standards and local laws. We always send our best electrician to work on our projects to guarantee top quality work.

  • Troubleshooting and repairs. If you're having problems with lights not working or if you have similar concerns with your electrical, our electrician can trace the source of the problem and fix it accordingly. Since we operate 24/7, you won't have to worry even when your lights suddenly got busted in the middle of the night. All you need is to call us and we'll be there right away to help you.

  • Violation corrections/electrical inspection. If your original electrical system has been found to violate some provisions of the local building code, it should be a source of concern. And knowing that a lot of Maryland properties have electrical systems installed by inexperienced and fly-by-night installers, we offer remedial corrections of most electrical system violations. We also inspect and certify properties as regards their adherence to electrical safety provisions.

  • Call Us Today! 240-298-5985

    Reliable and Expert Electricians in Maryland

    For any of your electrical service concerns, PowerTech Electric, Inc. is your best ally wherever you may be in Calvert, St. Mary, and Charles County. Simply dial our number to speak to our friendly staff about your specific electrical needs.

    We promise to deliver you the best electrical services that you can possibly have.

    Call Us Today! 240-298-5985

We have a wide service area. Here are just some of the cities we service:

  • Hollywood
  • Lexington Park
  • St Marys City
  • La Plata
  • Waldorf
  • Prince Frederick
  • Chesapeake Beach
  • St Leonard
  • Charlotte Hall
  • Newburg
  • Leonardtown
  • Fort Washington