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Generac Generator

Have you ever found yourself without power for days due to a scheduled or sudden power outage? Whether you run a business or just at home with your family, being left with no electricity is surely bad news. These are the times when you'd surely wish you have a standby generator to be able to get comfortable at home or have your business running smoothly as usual.

Home and Mobile Generator

At PowerTech Electric, Inc., we supply and install various generator types: from home generator, commercial generator, and portable or mobile generator. You name it, we surely have it.


We are also authorized installers of Generac, a premium brand of generators. In fact, we are Maryland's most trusted company when it comes to sales, installation and service of Generac generator.

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Why Have Generators?

Admit it, you can't tell most of the time when your business' or home's power will go out. And even if you do know, you'll surely suffer great inconvenience when you're out of electricity and you don't have a standby generator.

Just imagine how much profit you stand to lose if your customers complain about the heat while eating at your restaurant; or how your kids will surely complain about their difficulty sleeping since your home's cooling unit isn't running. And just think about the goods and services that won't get finished or delivered in time because of lack of power.

Commercial Generator

These are just some of the reasons why a generator is indispensable for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. And while we're talking about generators, it's important to note that we can install standby generators for homes, offices, restaurants, and just about anywhere they are needed (even at a tailgate party!).

Specifically, we supply and install premium Generac generators. Whether it's a portable generator, a home generator, a commercial generator, or a mobile generator, we can surely install the perfect unit based on your power requirements and budget at hand.

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Why Generac?

Generac is our preferred brand of generators for some very obvious reasons, including:

  • Wide Choices - Generac offers generators for every imaginable use: homes, offices, construction sites, camping trips, restaurants, government buildings, warehouses, and many others. They also have specific generators for particular power needs and client budget, so getting one is not a problem.

  • Portability - Take power whenever you go with Generac's portable generators. Their portable generators are specifically built for optimum mobility and ease of carriage. So whether you're heading for the mountains or working on a project off-site, having a power source is not an issue.

  • Superior Quality - Generac has been powering residential, commercial, and industrial areas for several decades already. They have dependable, rugged, and top notch generator sets that can satisfy many power requirements no matter the season.

Authorized and Certified Generator Installers

Our company only employs the best electricians and workers with decades of extensive and relevant knowledge handling electrical installation projects for numerous clients. As authorized Generac installers, we fully understand your specific electrical requirements and can recommend the perfect generator set for you.

We can complete generator install projects on time and with only positive results. If you need a Generac generator set the soonest time possible, then don't hesitate to contact us today. We'll schedule a site visit to determine your exact power needs and install the perfect unit in no time.

Call us today or visit our showroom at Mechanicsville.

Call Us Today! 240-298-5985

We have a wide service area. Here are just some of the cities we service:

  • Hollywood
  • Lexington Park
  • St Marys City
  • La Plata
  • Waldorf
  • Prince Frederick
  • Chesapeake Beach
  • St Leonard
  • Charlotte Hall
  • Newburg
  • Leonardtown
  • Fort Washington